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The CPR Instructor's Network offers you only top quality products for purchase. AEDs. Rescue Masks and Face Shields. First Aid Kits. Manuals and Books.


The CPR Instructor's Network is primarily a training company, and is thefore able to pass on our discounted prices to you.


If you want something not on our list of featured products below, please inquire! We will do our best to get you the products you require, while saving you money.


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CPR Rescue Mask $20.00
Click Here for Product Details! ***SPECIAL: Just $20 SHIPPED*** The CPR Mask is the most professional airway barrier available. Packed in a white clamshell case, the CPR Mask includes a replaceable one-way-valve, hydrophobic filter, oxygen inlet, 22 mm fittings, and an elastic head strap. *** Call for discount on orders of 20 masks or more ***
Airway Barrier in Keychain Pouch $10.00
Click Here for Product Details! ***SPECIAL: Just $10 SHIPPED*** Carry your airway barrier conveniently with you. 8" x 8" plastic shield with a breathing stem that provides added protection for the rescuer and airway management for the victim.
Laerdal Face Shield $5.00
Click Here for Product Details! The Laerdal Face Shield with 3M Filtrete filter is small in size, but BIG in protection for user and victim!
Laerdal Face Shield - Box of 10 $44.00
Click Here for Product Details! The Laerdal Face Shield with 3M Filtrete filter is small in size, but BIG in protection for user and victim! BUY 10 AND SAVE! 1 box has 10 Face Shields. An economical purchase. Give a face shield to all your employees. Restock all your first aid kits. Keep one in the car, country house, RV, office,...
Medtronic LifePak CR+ $2095
Click Here for Product Details! Sleek and lightweight, the LIFEPAK CR Plus AED defibrillator enables you to give a shock that could save a life. Best prices in Montreal! Only $2095. (NOTE: the Manufacturers Suggested Price is $2490.00 +tax... you save $400 just by purchasing your AED from us) We will purchase the AED on your behalf, and provide you with the invoice detailing the taxes. We sell our AEDs complete withcase, accessories, and extra electrodes--fully ready to go! Our price is considerably lower than other distributers,even with the taxes added!
Medtronic Lifepak 1000 $3800
Click Here for Product Details! *** PROMOTION *** PROMOTION *** PROMOTION *** Slightly used - used for two weeks during the 2010 winter olympics; only a few dozen of these units are available. This is the Cadillac/High end model which normally sells for $4800, geared towards the professional rescuer but easy enough for even a novice. The promotion price is $3800 which includes carry case and all accessories. Take advantage of this price, before it goes back up.
Difibtech Lifeline AED $1995
Click Here for Product Details! One of the most popular biphasic defibrillator available for public access defibrillation programs, with all shocks given at 200Joules (non escalating) . Complete with carry case, two pairs of electrodes and all accessories.
CPR Anytime Learning Kit $44
Click Here for Product Details! Purchase a CPR Anytime Personal Learning Program kit, for personal review and practice, anytime, anywhere. Updated with the new 2005 AHA/HSF guidelines science, this innovative self-directed learning program is designed to teach the core skills of CPR in just 22 minutes. Each kit includes a personal, inflatable CPR Manikin ("Mini Anne"), a CPR Skills Practice DVD, a Family & Friends CPR student book and other program accessories. This kit is in English and French.
CPR Family Friends - Training Session $140.00
Click Here for Product Details! The Heart and Stroke Foundations CPR Family & Friends Awareness Program allows families, friends and the general public - those who most likely would never attend a traditional CPR course - to learn the core skills of CPR in just 60-75 minutes. Groups of up to 8 participants.
vanessa creation - gift certificate $10 $10
Click Here for Product Details! Cantt decide on a gift? Give a gift certificate for jewellery! Gift Certificates are purchased just like any other item in our store. You can pay for them using the stores standard payment method(s). Select the price you desire to purchase in denominations of $10 from the Gift Certificate section. A redemption code will be emailed to you, thus allowing you to provide gift certificates as gifts. You may access "Vanessa Creations" via a link at the bottom of the home page of this website.