The CPR Instructor's Network will rent training equipment to certified instructors and organizations based on availability.



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AED Trainers


Laerdal little Anne


Laerdal Little Junior


Laerdal Little Baby


Actar D-fib


Rescue Masks


BVM - "Ambu-Bag"


Instructor Videos


we also have various items for sale, including alcohol swabs, rescue masks, Laerdal Face Shields, Keychain Airway Barriers, and more!!!


delivery and pick-up service available



Deposit May Be Required for Certain Items


Signed Terms for Rental (rental agreement) Required


Equipment is expected to be returned in the same condition you received it: clean and fully functional!!







Instructors are reminded of proper cleaning and decontamination of mannequins after use:


-Thoroughly wash and scrub all external and internal surfaces with warm soapy water and brushes. Microbial contamination is easily removed from smooth non-porous surfaces by scrubbing with a cloth or brush and a detergent solution. There is no evidence that soaking alone in any liquid is as effective as the same procedure accompanied by vigorous scrubbing.


-Rinse all surfaces with fresh water. Soap residue will deactivate the disinfectant action of the sodium hypochlorite (Bleach).


-Soak all surfaces or 10 minutes in a sodium hypochlorite solution having at least 50ppm free available chlorine such as 60 ml or  cup liquid household bleach (approximately 5% sodium hypochlorite) per 4 litres or 1 gallon of warm tap water. Hot water destroys the disinfecting action of bleach and causes fumes to be released. This solution must be made fresh after each class and discarded after each use since chlorine loses its effectiveness when exposed to light and air.


-Rinse all surfaces with fresh water and immediately dry all external and internal surfaces. Rinsing with alcohol will aid drying of internal surface, inhibiting the survival of bacterial and fungal organisms


source: Instructor Resource for Resuscitation Programs in Canada, page 45